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Nonprofits are undergoing growing scrutiny regarding their efficiency and effectiveness. Cost of fund raising ratios as a measure of efficiency and productivity are now applied with regularity as a means of determining if dollars spent versus dollars raised are competitive. Charitable “watch dogs” are evolving references for donors and traffic to their websites is gaining popularity. Contemporary donors are far more acclimated to “return on results” than in previous generations.

The single greatest way to assure optimal productivity is to initiate a “real-time” tracking system that monitors productivity as it relates to cultivation and solicitation efforts. The Geis Group has assisted numerous fund development operations in establishing expectations for strategic donor advancement. The actions manifest in the form of actions or “moves” that are documented within customer relation management software such as Raiser’s Edge.

Our latest development has been to assimilate these actions into graphical and narrative summaries in the form of dashboard reports that create transparency regarding individual and team activities. The Geis Group welcomes the opportunity to share our “Toolbox” for managing and rewarding productivity.