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Organizations are revisiting the power of endowments as they strive to protect their investments from a fluctuating market. Building a powerful engine that will continue to generate revenue is the key to long-term, renewable benefits.

As the baby boomers transition into retirement, the wealth transfer that will ensue combined with the tax incentives available makes this is the perfect time to intensify your efforts to secure planned gifts.

Deciding where to start can be overwhelming as there are many facets involved in developing planned giving programs.

The Geis Group, with over 20 years of experience in establishing endowments, building planned giving programs and conferring with literally hundreds of donors and advisors, can help you determine what activities can generate the greatest and most immediate rate of return.

Once your target group is identified, The Geis Group will pinpoint a handful of target activities and help you connect and succeed with your best prospects. We can then accompany you on donor calls, work with donor advisors and generate, various giving options. 

In addition, we can produce a customized prospectus, case study, or proposal for prospective donors illustrating the charitable and financial benefits. Then, as donors activate their giving plans, The Geis Group can be a resource for gift administration and program support.