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Impact Investing

The Geis Group is committed to helping its nonprofit partners pursue “Impact Investing” because we believe it can unleash the full power of philanthropic capital.

Our mission is to inspire Foundation leaders to make sure their philanthropic capital is not invested at odds with their mission. We ask, “Is your human service related foundation invested in technical stocks or are your assets focused on opportunities that provide opportunities for people and organizations consistent with your mission?

We’re challenging Foundation leaders to ask the difficult question: “Where is our foundation’s money spending the night?”

We’re encouraging Foundation leaders to learn about program-related investments, which are a key tool for impact investors.

We’re asking Foundations to investigate investments that integrate with your grant-making, such as loans and equity investments in companies developing programs and services that address social problems — like innovative elder care.

Impact investing allows philanthropists to make more progress toward their charitable missions by using the engine of their philanthropically committed capital, rather than only the fumes. 

Please contact us to learn more about this evolving and exciting revenue source.