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Moves Management

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How do you engage your target donors and inspire them to take the action you desire? Where and how do you promote your campaign for maximum impact? We have a plethora of innovative ideas and proven strategies to increase awareness and encourage response.

Moves Management

Moves management is a term synonymous with activities associated with advancing relationships with donors and prospects. David Dunlop, a senior development officer at Cornell University coined this term and defined it as “changing people’s attitudes so they want to give.” His focus was on mapping and initiating the process by which a prospective donor is moved from cultivation to solicitation. “Moves” are the actions an organization takes to bring in donors, establish relationships, and renew contributions.

What Are Moves?

Moves represent cultivation activities that achieve measureable probability for a successful solicitation. A move must penetrate the consciousness of the prospect regarding the organization or giving opportunity. Also, the fund raiser must learn something about the prospect. Cultivation must be according to a plan and be mission directed.

What Are Examples of Moves?

  • Escorting a key prospect(s) on a “behind the scenes” tour of your facility
  • Acquiring consent from key prospect to attend special events
  • Receiving feedback from a key prospect upon receiving “insiders” newsletter or communication
  • Arranging lunch or dinner with CEO and/or program staff
  • Receiving feedback on strategic plan or case statement
  • Discerning alignment or connection of a key prospect with “clinical” preference area or leader
  • Identifying a critical linkage with hospital or foundation leader that could be pivotal in the cultivation/solicitation process
  • Enlisting key prospect as leader in a hospital or foundation initiative resulting in leadership responsibility (Board, Committee, Advisory, Task Force)
  • Acquiring vital intelligence that defines a specific strategy for cultivation/solicitation
  • Presenting quality proposal which moves status from “open” to “pending”

The Geis Group specializes in relationship oriented fund raising and transformational gifts. Their vast experience and ability to structure “blended” gifts involving current and future gift components has consistently enabled donors to achieve philanthropic results beyond their ability to imagine. Different from most consultants, The Geis Group isolates key prospects and works at fever pitch to discern a “game plan” uniquely customized for the prospect. They offer intense training assistance including coaching, role playing, scripting, volunteer training and assist clients with engaging and preparing critical partners essential for executing an optimal experience.