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Philanthropic Planning

Nonprofits live and die on their ability to raise sufficient funds to carry out their mission. Too often these organizations underestimate their fundraising potential and spend energy and effort on activities that don’t generate optimal returns on investment.

The Geis Group can provide a comprehensive analysis that will illustrate not only how much gain is possible, but where to discover the greatest growth potential. More importantly, we’ll keep you from making these common errors:

  • Establishing fundraising expectations that align with other charities’ funding goals, without understanding the power of your own organization’s unique experience, constituency and programs.
  • Developing strategic plans based on perceived fundraising potential without applying scientific analysis.
  • Creating unrealistic expectations that result in frustration, disappointment and even failure for the development team and the organization.

The Geis Group uses a variety of tools including trend analysis, infrastructure, database capacity and leadership. We work with fund development staff and leadership to develop an ambitious but realistic projection of potential returns, supported by a “blue print” for success that incorporates a “relationship” based approach to fundraising.