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Improve Fundraising Performance

Regardless of the size, goals, or duration of your fundraising initiatives, we provide a variety of services to guide you through the development and management of every facet.

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Nonprofits are undergoing growing scrutiny regarding their efficiency and effectiveness. Cost of fund raising ratios as a measure of efficiency and productivity are now applied with regularity as a means of determining if dollars spent versus dollars raised are competitive. Charitable “watch dogs” are evolving references for donors and traffic to their websites is gaining popularity. Contemporary donors are far more acclimated to “return on results” than in previous generations. Read More…

Endowment Building


How effectively have you been able to design planned giving programs to consistently feed your endowment funds? How deep is your reservoir of principal to ensure a steady fountain of capital? We specialize in establishing and strengthening endowment building through developing effective planned giving programs. Read More…

Impact Investing

The Geis Group is committed to helping its nonprofit partners pursue “Impact Investing” because we believe it can unleash the full power of philanthropic capital. Read More…

Moves Management

How do you engage your target donors and inspire them to take the action you desire? Where and how do you promote your campaign for maximum impact? We have a plethora of innovative ideas and proven strategies to increase awareness and encourage response. Read More…

Strategic Philanthropic Planning


Are you dreaming big enough? What could your organization realistically accomplish with a premier system in place? How much money could be yours? We analyze your operation and help you determine what is truly possible. Read More…

Prospect Identification


Are you tired of the same old campaign, worried that donors are losing interest? Does the thought of trying something new seem overwhelming and risky? Do you have a clear analysis of your target market, their values, and how to compel their support? With exclusive data mining software from Assay, we can show you how to implement powerful capital campaigns based on scientific analysis of your premier prospect base. Read More…

“It was great to see you again. Thank you for your presentation about the practical approach to identifying and “cultivating” the best prospects for gifts. It all sounded so simple!!! You made the issue of focusing on the donor extremely understandable. Thanks.”

– Edwin

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