Fundraising Analytics with the Power of Assay

datamining prospectThe Geis Group is the exclusive licensee of Assay software.

The Assay data mining tool for non-profit organizations improves fundraising performance by helping you quickly find your best prospects.

Assay collects, analyzes, and scores patterns of prospect data to discover potential donors who are most likely to contribute to your organization. Based on the results, you’ll be able to make informed, data-driven decisions to acquire major gifts faster.

Data Mining Power

Assay’s algorithm evaluates and weighs donor variables that from our experience, are proven indicators of best prospects.

Assay provides a propensity score which helps you target the right donors and select appropriate tactics for donor development, cultivation, and moves management.

Data Mining Process

Further, Faster

Connect with high-quality contacts to further your reach for faster results.

  • Increase Revenue & Gift Officer Efficiency.
  • Increase Moves Management Effectiveness.
  • Improve Fundraising Performance while reducing cost.
  • Strengthen Program Evaluation.

Finding Your Best Prospects

After analyzing and scoring the variables, Assay finds your best prospects by ranking donors into four categories: A, B, C, D.

The (A) donors are high potential prospects, who are mostly likely to contribute major gifts, whereas (B) donors represent significant potential and strong affinity.

With Assay, your organization can improve strategies for fundraising efforts, save time, and increase revenue by connecting with high-quality contacts faster.